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The latest scientific international publication by Msc Veland Ramadani: "Business Angels-Who They Really Are?"

"Business Angels-Who They Really Are?", is the latest scientific published paper of Msc Veland Ramadani, assistant in Faculty of Business Administration-SEEU. This paper is published in the international journal of well-known global publisher John Wiley & Sons Ltd. (Strategic Change: Brifings in Entrepreneurial Finance, John Wiley and Sons, Chichester, UK, Vol.18, Issue 7/8, p.249-258, ISSN: 1086-1718).

This paper  addresses a new kind and more important financing source of small businesses and entrepreneurial ideas. Business angels are an important solution of new small and medium businesses, but also for existing businesses that have attractive and promising ideas and projects, but no financial means. In their view the motto "however can be gained even more” is always present.
The paper also addresses the different types of business angels, the motives for investing in small businesses, the process of investment by business angels, forms of organization of business angels, etc.