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Over 100 scientific papers at the 6th International Scientific Conference on Business and Economics

Renowned international researchers and researchers from the region and the country participated in the 6th International Scientific Conference on Business and Economy with on topic "Economic Recovery, Consolidation and Sustainable Growth: Crisis-2-Crisis Evidence, Debate and Prospects" that was held today (May 12, 2023), South East European University Campus in Tetovo, organized by the Faculty of Business and Economics.

Key note speakers of the conference were well-known international experts: Professor Léo-Paul Dana, ICD Business School of Paris, Groupe IGS, France, Dr. Leon Eisen, inventor and serial entrepreneur, venture partner at GSD Venture Studios, GVI Ventures and Network VC, and Associate Professor Andrea Caputo, University of Trento, Italy, and University of Lincoln, United Kingdom.

The conference was declared open by the Rector of South East European University, Acad. Prof. Dr. Abdylmenaf Bexheti, who thanked all the participants, especially the researchers, who have contributed with their works, which are more than 100 of them, from different fields and topics.

“I am happy to inform you that today's conference has a full international character, because never before have we had such a large presence of international researchers, not only as participation, but also as a concrete contribution with scientific works. Research at the South East European University is one of the main goals in the University's Strategy, where we are very successful" noted among other things Rector Bexheti.

Dean of the Faculty of Business and Economics, Prof. Dr. Hyrije Abazi - Alili, thanked all the participants and all staff who contributed to the organization and smooth running of the Conference.

"Our main idea in organizing conferences has been addressing current topics, as it is the topic of this conference. Our goal has always been to address challenging and interdisciplinary topics" said Dean Abazi-Alili, among other things.

Regarding the organizational aspect and the dimensions of the conference, as well as data related to the results achieved in the six conferences organized so far, presented Prof. Dr. Veland Ramadani, Organizational Secretary of the Conference.

“The beginnings have been difficult, but the conference has grown in size and participation, as has the University itself. The innovation of this conference is that for the first time the scientific papers will be published in Springer Proceedings in Business and Economics indexed in Scopus", said Prof. Ramadani.

Key speakers presented in the plenary session, Prof. Léo-Paul Dana, on topic “Steering Beyond Current Crisis: Evolving Paradigms”, Dr. Leon Eisen, on topic “Quantum Business Thinking: Mapping a Future Success Today” and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Andrea Caputo, on the topic “What Impact for Entrepreneurship? A Conversation on the State of the Art and Open Questions for Sustainability”

The conference developed the works in 5 plenary sessions on topics such as: Economic Recovery, Consolidation and Stability; Economics and Finance; Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Family Business; Management and Marketing, Information Systems, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence.