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Graduation Ceremony of the 18th generation of SEEU held

With a solemn Ceremony, in the presence of parents, family, staff and other guests, on Saturday (June 4, 2022), at the South East European University, the 18th generation of graduates was promoted.

For the first time, after his election, the graduates were addressed by the President of the University Board, Prof. Dr. Klaus Tohtermann. He said that the fundamental idea of SEEU is to offer a modern and international approach to learning, and continuously to adapt to changes in research and teaching.

“The basis for this was the unique cooperation between Europe and the USA. At this place we should thank our donors for their continuous support. With state support, our academic colleagues have succeeded in creating a university that is unique in the region”, said among others in his speech, the President of the Board, Klaus Tohtermann.

In his address speech, the Rector Acad. Prof. Dr. Abdylmenaf Bexheti, instructed the graduates to remember this day, which creates emotions and gives them positive energy for the status of academic citizen they gain and which is also a civic responsibility.

“You represent the strongest economic and social, professional and intellectual capital with which this institution contributes to our society. There is no other project on its own, for these three decades of social, political and economic transition that contributed so much to each individually, your families and society in general” noted Rector Bexheti.

Rector Bexheti said to the graduates that SEEU is continuing the path of growth, not only in academic, professional and scientific parameters, but also in those of the student population, in the diversity of program offers, but also in the creation of new faculties.

"We have an obligation to make you proud of your Alma-Mater, because you will keep our diploma and our institutional emblem forever. You can upgrade your knowledge, earn diplomas and other titles, but the basic knowledge and diplomas that have opened other horizons in all your life remains SEEU” said among others Rector Bexheti.

On behalf of the generation, the speech was given by the student with the highest grade, Rina Behadini.

“I stand here in front of you, graduated in computer sciences, already employed and ready for tomorrow's challenges. I want to thank all those who made this trip so beautiful and above all I want to encourage my peers to continue to pursue their dreams.”, said Rina Behadini.

For the artistic part of the Ceremony were engaged Prof. Agim Poshka, who sang the University song "Voice of Knowledge" and young artists from Tetovo, Lulesa Pajaziti and Labinot Abdyrahmani.