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During 2020 SEEU donated about 50 computers and equipment worth over 100 thousand euros to primary and secondary schools

South East European University is not only a model of teaching in the region, but also a distinguished institution, which cares for the wider community contributing concretely through donations or other forms of institutional support, especially to the educational community.

During 2020 SEEU donated a total of 46 Dell computers, 5 printers and a projector for primary and secondary schools in the Municipality of Zhelino, the Municipality of Brvenica, the Municipality of Gostivar and the Municipality of Bogovinje. SEEU has also donated computers and IT equipment, over the past years to the Municipality of Kumanovo, the City of Skopje, Struga and other schools in Northern Macedonia.

In addition to information technology equipment, South East European University this year donated Jeep Compass 2.2 CDR Sport 4X2 to the Red Cross Organization of Northern Macedonia in Skopje, which has so far been used within the USAID and LCIF project for children with visual impairments.

As part of its mission for social contribution and impact, South East European University this year donated equipment worth over 100 thousand euros to several primary schools in Northern Macedonia. The equipment was provided by USAID and LCIF, within the project "Improving the vision of children with visual impairments".