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SEEU a wins second grant under H2020 Fed4Fire + project and involves master students

South East European University (SEEU), respectively the Research Institute Max van der Stoel and Business Innovation Centre are the winners of the second grant under the H2020Fed4Fire + project. It is characteristic that in this project SEEU is the only partner and main project holder.

“For the first time, a master's student at SEEU is involved in the project, who is doing practical work at the Institute. He will have the opportunity to apply and experiment with the various projects he will have during his master's degree in the wireless devices, or the professional ones that the project enables", says Dr. Mennan Selimi, Head of the DSG research group at the Institute.

The aim of the Research Institute Max van der Stoel is the involvement of as many students as possible in projects, especially in master's and doctoral studies.

The topic of the project addresses the problem of payment systems, using blockchain technology as an intermediary (as a substitute for banks). In fact the proposed system (and which has been implemented), should now be tested on real (wireless) devices in Antwerp, Belgium.

Project implementation starts in December this year and will end in June 2021.