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MVDSI will be a partner in the consortium of the project Fakespotting funded by the European Commission under Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships grants

The main objective of the project is innovation in the field of Digital information literacy and higher education role in enhancing people’s capacities to manage complex information, think autonomously and creatively, use resources smartly (including the digital ones) and be resilient. The project faces the priority of “open education and innovative practices in a digital era”.

The objectives, activities and final results will innovate digital teaching methods and tools in HE and adult learning, tackling online disinformation. The project will be coordinated by the University of Bologna. Other partners include: University of Loyola (Spain), International and mobility consulting agency (Spain), Pagella Politica (Italy), GLOBSEC (Slovakia), University Mateja Bela (Slovakia), University of Tirana (Albania) and Novi Sad School of Journalism (Serbia).

The project will end in 2023.