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Klaus Tochtermann is elected new President of the South East European University Board

Today (11th September 2020), the constitutional meeting of the new composition of the South East European University Board was held. At this meeting, it was confirmed the new Board membership, which consists of seven members.

The new Board members from the international community are: Klaus Tochtermann, who comes from the University of Kiel, Germany and John Parrish Sprowl, from Indiana University - IUPUI, USA. From the University Senate new members are: Prof. Dr. Veronika Kareva, Prof. Dr. Veli Kreci and Prof. Dr. Visar Shehu. Members from the local community are: Dr. Elena Dumova and Mr. Nebi Hoxha.

The new President of the University Board is elected Prof. Dr. Klaus Tochtermann, and Prof. Dr. Veli Kreci is elected Vice-President.

At this meeting, the Board also elected its working bodies, such as the Executive Committee and the Audit and Risk Management Committee.

The term in office of the new Board members lasts four years and will end in August 2024.