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For the first time, the SEEU PhD student Nuhi Besimi publishes a scientific paper in the internationally renowned scientific journal Microprocessors and Microsystems with impact factor 1.6

Nuhi Besimi PhD student at the South East European University has published the scientific paper titled ‘Using Distributed Raspberry PIs to Enable Low-Cost Energy-Efficient Machine Learning Algorithms for Scientific Articles Recommendation’, in the international scientific journal Microprocessors and Microsystems (MICPRO). He is the only student in doctoral studies at the Faculty of Contemporary Sciences and Technologies, who has published a scientific paper with an impact factor of 1.61 (according to Clarivate Analytics).

“The whole process lasted 1 year where we had several cycles of comments from various reviewers and thanks to the help of the mentor, Prof. Dr. Betim Çiço and the staff of professors from the Faculty of Contemporary Sciences and Technologies, in particular the Dean Prof. Dr. Adrian Besimi (co-author) and Prof. Dr. Visar Shehu (co-author), we managed to get our paper accepted in the journal Microprocessors and Microsystems (MICPRO)", says Nuhi Besimi.

“From the published results in MICPRO we came to the conclusion that it is possible to use even cheaper platforms for experiments different from our research work. Such an example is the distributed Raspberry PIs that enabled the processing of textual data and the application of Machine Learning Algorithms at a very low cost" emphasizes the author of the paper Nuhi Besimi.

The doctoral thesis of the PhD candidate, Nuhi Besimi is titled ‘Hybrid Solution for Scalable Research Articles Recommendation’ and the main focus of his research is to define a model based on Machine Learning Algorithms for recommending, organizing and processing articles for more easily to identify scientific trends in various fields and to identify research studies for Ph.D. and young researchers.