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Donation of SEEU and USAID for the Red Cross

Donation of SEEU and USAID for the Red Cross

On Friday (June 12), South East European University, donated to the Organization of the Red Cross of Macedonia in Skopje, the car Jeep Compass 2.2 CDR Sport 4X2, which so far was used within USAID and LCIF Children with Visual Impairment Project. The Red Cross has been a local partner of the project, which will continue with the activities for the completion of the project. South East European University all equipment used so far within the project plans to donate to the institutions that serve the community, such as schools, clinics, etc.

South East European University continues to build a successful partnership with USAID, by exploring other opportunities for collaboration with this important partner organization of the University in implementing many projects, like we did in the past and we will continue in the future also.