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The Senate nominated three new members for the University Board

The Senate of the South East European University in the physical presence meeting, which was held on Tuesday (26th May 2020), elected three new members, nominated for the University Board.

The new members nominated by the Senate for the University Board are: Prof. Dr. Visar Shehu, Prof. Dr. Veli Kreci and Prof. Dr. Veronica Kareva.

The members of the University Board are elected by the Board at the end of the term of the previous members. In special cases of early termination of the term of office of a member, the Board may elect a new member. The new member's term shall last until the expiration of the term of the previous member.

The Board consists of seven members, of whom: two international members; three members, citizens of the Republic of North Macedonia, members of the University full-time staff, elected by the University Senate; and two members from the community.