COVID-19 Information and Protocol

South East European University
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After suspension of conventional teaching due to coronavirus SEEU conducts the whole teaching process online

South East European University in terms of the measures taken by the Government to suspend the conventional teaching in universities, since 11th March, completely has transferred the teaching and learning process into the online platform.

For distance teaching the Platform-Google Classroom is used, while professors contact each student through this system, where the online link opens and lectures are followed.

“We as a University already have experience in this field of distance education and we are leaders in online education” says Ardian Besimi, Dean of the Faculty of Contemporary Sciences and Technologies.

Students have been very welcoming and confident, as even under normal conditions, some of the lectures at the University have been conducted online.

By using Google Meet, virtual classes are created, where students listen to lectures, upload works, and download materials that the course professor lectures.

In the light of the measures taken to prevent the mass spread of coronavirus, all faculties of the South East European University conduct distance teaching and learning during these 14 days and students except the physical presence and social effect, do not miss anything from the classes.