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Briefing of Rector Bexheti with journalist: SEEU experienced increase in student enrolments and employment rates

“Despite all the challenges, South East European University is successfully closing the year in two important aspects of its operation: first this year we have experienced a 15% increase of enrolments in undergraduate studies and second the employment rates of graduates in the first year after graduation has reached over 70%,”said the Rector of South East European University --Acad. Prof. Dr. Abdylmenaf Bexheti in a press briefing held today (27th December 2019).

Also present at the conference were the Secretary General, Dr. Xhevair Memedi; Pro-Rector for Research and International Cooperation, Prof.Dr. Besa Arifi; Pro-Rector for Academic Planning and Digitalization, Prof. Dr. Vladimir Radevski; Pro-Rector for Entrepreneurship and Planning, Prof. Dr. Besnik Fetai; Head of the Career Center, Burbuqe Kaprolli - Hamzai and Rector's Advisor for Communication, Prof. Dr. Gadaf Rexhepi.

These numbers show the tendency of positioning, segmentation and differentiation that the market does on the University. In terms of the language of studies, Albanian continues to grow, so does English, with a slight increase, while there is a slight decrease in studies in Macedonian language.

This year the university has managed to transform its studies from three to four years, as a need of the labor market and this academic year 80% of study programs are four years, while only 20% are three years.

The university has managed to recruit the top high-school graduates, by increasing the scholarship offer for 40%, those who have received merit based scholarships 40% are excellent students and 25% of them are excellent also with GPA 5.00.

We are most pleased with the employment figures of our graduates, where concrete and factual analysis conducted by the Career Center show that over 70% of our students manage to get a job in the first year after graduation and the sector that most dominates is the services sector, then the trade sector and students are less employed in the governmental sector.

“Biggest parts of graduates are employed in the country 70%, while only 12% are employed abroad, 5% in Kosovo, 1% in Albania, etc. This proves the important impact that the University has on society”said Rector Bexheti.

Regarding the plans for the future, Rector Bexheti said that we will continue with the horizontal process, where we will expand the academic offer with new professional study programs, mainly in technology and interdisciplinary programs.

Challenges for next year are expected to remain the same, those that have been present in higher education in the country for years, but we will continue to prioritize quality and offer programs according to labor market requirements, said among others the Rector of the South East European University, Acad. Prof. Dr. Abdylmenaf Bexheti.