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Global company Siemens selected SEEU alumni Blerton Zejneli

Blerton Zejneli is a SEEU Alumni who has been selected by the global company Siemens (ranked in the top 500 global companies) to work as an associate student in the Marketing department of the Digital Industries operating unit. He has completed his studies in Information Systems and Management, offered as a joint program of the SEEU Faculty of Business and Economics and the London School of Economics. At the end of his studies at SEEU, Blerton was selected among the best students of his generation. At Siemens, he was selected by the staff of the Digital Industries - marketing department, following a transparent and highly competitive selection process involving students from various universities.

“I am part of the marketing department operating within the global headquarter, Digital Industries in the city of Nuremberg, which is one of the core operating units of Siemens. Working in this position offers me not only the unique opportunity to learn from the experiences and knowledge of various German and foreign experts, but also the opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills acquired in solving different challenges and problems. Coping with new assignments and working with different people from all countries and areas offers me the opportunity to not only learn more but also to keep up with global business and technology trends” says Blerton Zejneli.

Studying at SEEU gave me experience and skills that were very important even during the process of selecting me for this position. The knowledge gained at this University helps me to solve many of the challenges I face while working, applying the knowledge and methodologies I have learned during my studies.

“Undergraduate studies in Information Systems and Management at SEEU have provided me with the unique opportunity to develop knowledge and skills in both management and information technology. I firmly say that despite the challenges of higher education in North Macedonia, I have had the privilege of having wonderful professors and lecturers, many of whom are internationally experienced, who have the preparation and will to conduct a genuine education for new generations. I have learned from my professors at SEEU not only professional lessons but also about approaching life and career challenges”, says Blerton.

He continues his master's studies at the University of Nuremberg (FAU) in Germany, where he is given the opportunity to expand his knowledge, but also to be able to make comparisons as he is prepared to challenge himself at another university.

“Despite the many challenges, the knowledge base and teaching methodologies gained from undergraduate studies at SEEU has helped me to be competitive and successfully complete all academic commitments so far.”-notes he.

Blerton Zejneli urges current and future SEEU students to work with commitment and discipline to build their professional capacities, constantly challenging them to acquire new skills and knowledge, and to cooperate with each other and their professors.

“I believe that the challenges of the modern world can not only be met by well-trained individuals but well-trained teams working together and dedicated to common goals.”- says Blerton.