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The new academic year for the digital generation of students begins at SEEU--the most digital university in the region

On Tuesday (1st October 2019), at South East European University, the new academic year 2019/20 began with a welcoming reception ceremony for the first year students.

The students were welcomed by the President of the University Board, Prof. Dr. Dennis Farrington, who said that at the beginning of the academic year we always tell the incoming students that they have made the best possible choice.

“This is true, because we have the best quality students who are employed all over the world and we have the highest rate of employment of our graduates”, said the President of the Board, Prof. Farrington.

“Your age today corresponds to the age of our University. You are the generation of digitalization and you have chosen to study at the most digitized university in the country and region,” said the SEEU Rector, Acad. Prof. Dr. Abdylmenaf Bexheti, in his welcoming address.

“From your online application, your admission information, the compilation of your schedule, your lectures and the entire academic process up to your Index, everything is electronic. This year we have the largest number of scholarships, which make up about 40% of new students. Scholarship is a status that makes you feel privileged. Also, we are the University which has received the largest number of student exchanges under the Erasmus + program. Make the most of this unique opportunity and transfer international credits to your university,” Rector Bexheti advised the students.

Rector Bexheti urged all students to address negative issues, because for the University each student individually is very important.

"My email address and office door is always open to you, because we are committed to giving you the best, so that we can provide you with all the opportunities," said Rector Bexheti, who observed that he wished freshmen to feel as though at home in this University.

The President of the Student Parliament and Association, Arjon Fejzullahi, told the first-year students that from this day they are beginning to build their professional and life prospects.

“But we SEEU students find it a little easier, as everyone here is at our service and we are here as one big family - the SEEU Family” said Mr. Fejzullahi.

After the ceremony, the students continued with lectures and other activities within the teaching process.