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The Scientific Conference on Good Governance and Rule of Law was held at SEEU Skopje campus

“Good Governance and the Rule of Law in the Perspective of EU Integration”, was the topic of the conference, which was held on 11th September 2019, at SEEU Skopje, where well-known researchers from the country and the region participated. The keynote speakers were: Prof. Reinhard Pribe, Prof. Florian Bieber and Prof. Vlado Kambovski.

“This activity proves once again the scientific contribution that South East European University is making to society and in providing concrete solutions to key social issues ”, said the SEEU Rector Acad. Prof. Dr. Abdylmenaf Bexheti in his speech. He said this is one of the key conferences organized at the university, noting its impact on current social developments.

Speaking on the topic of the conference, Rector Bexheti said that the two main preconditions for a country's economic development are non-economic preconditions.

“The Rule of Law and Institutional Capacity are the two main preconditions for the economic development of a country” noted Rector Bexheti.

Our university gives importance to science and research and this year has allocated 2% of its budget for scientific research by the staff, which is expected to contribute specifically to scientific work by providing concrete solutions to many of the issues facing the country.

Rector Bexheti mentioned that this amount for next year will be 3% and compared to the capacity of the University is the largest in the region.

Deputy Prime Minister of RMV Government for Euro-Atlantic Integration, Bujar Osmani, said that today at SEEU we have our last exam before the date of start of negotiations in October. He thanked the University for the Message it gives through this conference, which is organized in the right place and at the right time.
"Here is reporter Prof. Reinhard Pribe, who I believe is to make the last and positive assessment of our country," said Osmani.

The Pro-Rector for Research and International Cooperation, Prof. Dr. Besa Arifi, thanked all the participants, but in particular the keynote speakers, who have also helped to make this conference so important in social developments.

“Not coincidentally the conference is organized by two faculties, Law and Social Sciences, because we wanted to have an interdisciplinary approach to the matter being studied and come up with concrete solutions to certain problems ”, said Pro-Rector Arifi.

The conference was also welcomed by the representative of the US Embassy in Skopje, Chelsea Schinnour, resident legal adviser, who spoke about the importance of the rule through researcher and concrete actions

The Ambassador of Slovenia to the Northern Macedonia, HE, also delivered a welcoming speech. Milan Jazbec, who focused on the scientific contribution of researchers to the Rule of Law.

In his welcoming address, the Dean of the Law Faculty, Prof. Dr. Adnan Jashari, spoke about the concrete commitment of staff and researchers to make this conference a significant impact, as the country faces the challenges of European integration.

Dean of the Faculty of Contemporary Social Sciences, Prof. Dr. Memet Memeti emphasized the importance of combining the social sciences with law by adding here the expertise of eminent professors, the success of this conference is the impact it will have on social developments.

The conference continued with keynote speakers, Reinhard Pribe, who spoke on topic: “Why the rule of law is such an essential requirement for EU membership”. Prof. Folrian Biber presented the paper on topic: Resolving the Past? Lessons from the Prespa Agreement for Southeaster Europe. Prof. Vllado Kambovski, presented on the topic: “Challenges of Reforms in the Legal System of Republic of North Macedonia”.

The conference was held in sessions where academic staff of the University, doctoral students, research staff and other researchers presented their papers on the key topic of the conference.

Papers are expected to be published in the Conference proceedings.