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Pandemic Response Team formed at SEEU

The Rector of South East European University (SEEU), in Tetovo, Academician Alajdin Abazi brought has established a Pandemic Response Team at the University that will follow the epidemiological state of the flu type A (H1N1) within the University. The commission will be leaded by Darko Spirovski, Director of the Facility’s Departments.

The Decision was brought because there is an increase in the pandemic of this type of flu in Macedonia, in the region and abroad. The University, in this regard will undertake preventative measures on the Campus.

The Commission is obliged  to implement a Pandemic Action Plan.

Pandemic of Flu A (H1N1) is caused by a new flu virus and is spreading very fast around the world. A great number of people are already infected.    

Flu type A (H1N1) is an acute respiratory disease caused by influenza virus type A-H1N1.

In the case of an emergency all employees and students should establish direct contact with the Security Services at the University Campus or on  telephone extension 2200.