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SEEU intensified international academic exchange – Prof. Veli Kreci will deliver four-week graduate course on effective policy making

South East European University professor Veli Kreci is scheduled to deliver a four-week graduate course titled "Effective Policy Making" at the Seattle University, Institute for Public Administration during the 2019 Summer term.

This cooperation is result of increasing collaboration with US Universities represented through Exchange Programs sponsored and supported by the US Department of State. Veli Kreci is a former Fulbright Scholar, and since September 2018 in the capacity of the Director of the Max van der Stoel Research Institute at SEEU has hosted visiting professors including the Fulbright Scholar Prof. Larry Hubbell from the Seattle University last term.

At the South East European University, during this academic year, as guest lecturers and professors, there were 10 internationally recognized professors from partner universities from USA and Europe who stayed at SEEU and delivered lectures for students at different faculties and study cycles.

The Institute and the University strongly encourages sharing experiences and resources through exchange of scholars and professionals toward achieving greater impact on quality of education and research.

The University places strategic importance to internationalization by enabling environment for creating avenues for establishing bilateral and multi-lateral cooperation and exchanges.