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Training for teachers, within the activities of the RoMIGSc

At SEEU - Skopje, on Tuesday (11.06.2019), was provided training for teachers, within the activities of the RoMIGSc- ERASMUS-plus WP5 project.

The focus of the training in the first part was the presentation of the overall project goals by Merita Zulfiu Alili, while in the second part there was a presentation of some activities carried out by volunteer training as part of the WP5 package, obligations which are our priority as a project partner, which as a performance of the process were presented by Besa Kadriu.

The training in the second part followed with the presentation of the representative from the NGO -SUMNAL- Sibel Bajram. It followed with discussions by the participants - the teachers who provided good examples of mixed parallels practices between different cultures as they function and collaborate in such an environment. Veli Kreci spoke in the coordinator's role and revealed the importance of the training for the teachers and the part of the activity that we have as partners of the project. In this training, a special guest was Maja Muhic who had a great presentation about multicultural concepts and theories, which aroused special interest in the audience and was very positively evaluated.

Under the co-ordination of the faculty staff of the Faculty of Contemporary Social Sciences - Vullnet Besimi, for the attendees, at the end of this event were awarded a certificates.