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Professors and representatives of the General- Secretariat debated on the promotion of the Law on the Use of Languages

“Raising public awareness on the implementation of the Law on the Use of Languages" was the topic of the round table, which was held on Tuesday (11 June 2019), where representatives of the General-Secretariat of the Government of North Macedonia, management and professors of the South East European University were gathered to discuss important issues on the Law on the Use of Languages.

The Rector of South East European University, Acad. Prof. Dr. Abdylmenaf Bexheti said that as institution SEEU feels honored that the first debate on this topic is being held at this University. There are no more adequate places than universities where the topic of the implementation of the Law on the Use of Languages can be debated, whereas SEEU has prepared a program for contributing to this topic and other important topics with social impact.

“Language is the tissue of each nation's identity and therefore SEEU is the most unique example and model of respecting this identity by applying multilingualism much earlier than the Law of Languages was adopted. The code of tolerance, flexible use of languages and multiethnic specifics make SEEU the most typical model of society for all” said Rector Bexheti.

In his address speech, Deputy Secretary-General of the Government of RNM, Mr. Tahir Hani, said that SEEU was not chosen randomly as a place where they will start this campaign because they know the political moment when this institution was established and language barriers which were passed even though there were objections.

"The language model of SEEU is proof on how a multiethnic and multilingual state should function. After the debates, we will adopt a Government program to promote the Law on the Use of Languages” said Mr. Hani.

Director of the Agency for Implementation of the Law on Use of Languages, Mr. Ylber Sela, presented the difficulties that this institution has passed at the start of its operation. He asked for help from professors and students to contribute and join this institution, by advising and assisting in professional aspect. He announced the signing of the agreement that will enable students of SEEU to realize internship in this institution, and specifically experienced professional-professors of the University to engage and advise.

Pro-dean of the Faculty of Languages, Cultures and Communication, Doc. Dr. Demush Bajrami, noted that while talking about the importance of debate and involvement of the SEEU staff in these discussions shows the institutional maturity and staff awareness. According to him, language is a tool for the development of individual and national cultural identity.

In the debate, with suggestions, ideas and criticism were included professors, management representatives and other experts who expressed their views on this issue.