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Graduated the 15th generation of SEEU students – hope and pride for the future

Among hope, pride and dreams for the future, in the presence of parents, professors and numerous guests, graduates of the fifteenth generation of South East European University, on Saturday (8th June, 2019) had their promotion ceremony.

“In life there are many moments full of emotion, positive energy, enthusiasm, and passion. But this day is special, and will leave special traces in your memory forever”, said Rector of the SEEU-- Acad. Prof. Dr. Abdylmenaf Bexheti, in his solemn address to graduates.

“Whichever direction you choose, we wish you health and a lot of success. The door through which you go today (in the figurative sense of the word), remains open forever for all of you, and one day with God’s will, will be open and ready for your children. People, wherever they go in their journey of life, create obligations. By this I mean specifically the intellectual obligations you have to this Institution that is your Alma Mater. As I noted at the start of this message, although you deserve more than we have provided, remember too that you also have a little intellectual obligation towards the professors, assistants, staff and all the employees on this campus, as well as those who have taken care for this special environment, which you have enjoyed during these years”, noted Rector Bexheti.

President of the University Board, Prof. Dr. Dennis Farrington, in his speech, recalled moments of his graduation 50 years ago, where like SEEU graduates and he was full of emotions and dreams for the future then.

“I know that many of you are supported here today by your parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters and other members of your families. I extend to them on your behalf gratitude for that support and the sacrifices they have all made to ensure your success. They know they made the right choice by sending you to SEEU and I am sure they will promote our university in the community.”, said Prof. Farrington.

On behalf of the Minister of Education and Science of North Macedonia, Mr. Arben Ademi, who due to official trip failed to attend the ceremony, his address speech, was read by the Pro-rector for International Cooperation and Research, Prof. Dr. Besa Arifi.

“I express my special pleasure and sincere goodwill for the 15th generation of graduates of South East European University who, today, more than ever, have good reason to be proud of choosing to study right here—in this institution of higher education that with the commitment, vision and tireless work of professors and management staff has now become a university of emblematic values.”, it was noted on the address speech of the Minister Ademi.

“You, dear graduates, you are the children of knowledge. This university has given you certificate for this achievement. And it is the power of knowledge that lies in the very heart of human activities. Look around you and you will see how powerful you can be with knowledge that you have gained during your studies.”, said address speech the Slovenian Ambassador to North Macedonia, H.E., Milan Jazbec.

Before the start of the Graduation Ceremony, it was unveiled the plaque and officially the Lecture Hall 3 was named in honour of the late Prof. Alajdin Demiri-Lecture Hall Alajdin Demiri.

On behalf of generation students, spoke the student of the Faculty of Contemporary Sciences and Technologies, Blend Dehari, who in the first place thanked parents for the sacrifice and said “all of our achievements in this life are not only ours, but also theirs, because without their hard work and encouragement, we would probably not be standing here as seniors of class 2019.”

For the artistic part of the ceremony SEEU engaged the well known tenor Kastriot Tusha; the Choir of the University of Tetova, led by Maestro Arifikmet Xhemaili; and a well-known string quartet from Skopje.