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High school graduates from gymnasium ‘Zenel Hajdini’- Gjilan visited SEEU in Tetovo

On Wednesday (15 May 2019), high school graduates from gymnasium ‘Zenel Hajdini’ from Gjilan visited South East European University in Tetovo.

The Dean of the Faculty of Law, Prof. Dr. Adnan Jashari and other members of the academic staff informed high school graduates about the study programs, study environment, study criteria, quality offered in the field of studies, both in bachelor and master studies at this Faculty.

High school graduates from ‘Zenel Hajdini’ after having received the relevant information about study programs in the Faculty of Law, visited the SEEU campus facilities, such as ‘Max van der Stoel’ Library, Student Services, Dormitories, during the campus tour high school graduates were accompanied by students from this Faculty who also are from Gjilan.

Within the framework of the program was organized the Legal Agora on topic ‘Establishing family through methodology of contemporary reproductive technology’ by Doc. Dr. Arta Selmani.