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SEEU hosted the worldwide activity ‘Digi Girls 2019’

South East European University (SEEU), through the Business Innovation Centre (BIC), hosted the worldwide event Digi Girls, which was held on 10th April 2019, on the SEEU Tetovo campus. The purpose of this activity is to encourage, inspire and support any female who wants to be part of the IT world.

Microsoft representatives closely informed SEEU students about the program and how to realize their dreams and how to get directly involved in the field of technology.

“We as a university are very happy that we have more and more students who pursue careers in technology and it is very important to have diversity, to have girls in fields of technology because when there are females in the working groups, then those groups are more creative and innovative and more energetic” said Veronika Kareva, Executive Quality Advisor at SEEU.

This activity aims to inspire and motivate young girls to be engaged in coding, programming, on in creating new ideas in IT field, because females’ participation in the field of technology is much lower compared to men.