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SEEU Alumni among most successful participants in the Fulbright Program

Of six nominated students to participate in the U.S. Fulbright program, three are South East European University Alumni.

Agon Memedi and Florina Asani (from the Faculty of Contemporary Sciences and Technologies) and Blerim Salihi (from the Faculty of Law) are SEEU alumni, which in the next academic year , after oficial announcment, will stay in the United States within the Fulbright Program to advance their studies.

SEEU students have been very successful, by demonstrating their professional preparation and competence, by receiving 50% of the reserved positions that the Fulbright Program allocates to North Macedonia.

The Fulbright Program in North Macedonia is promoted by the U.S. Embassy and each year grants are awarded in certain amounts, where students and scholars use the right to advance their studies and to create experiences in U.S. institutions.

Fulbright scholars describe their experience as something that has changed their lives and has had a significant impact on their professional and personal careers.

The Fulbright Program provides grants for qualified scholars to conduct post-doctoral research at U.S. institutions.