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The Faculty of Law marked the International Day of Human Rights

On the occasion of the International Day of Human Rights and the 70th anniversary of the Declaration of Human Rights, on Monday (December 10th, 2018), the Faculty of Law organized a series of activities to mark this day.

In the competition for the best column on human rights, the jury, consisting of representatives of the Faculty of Law and portal ‘’, chose the best works written by students dedicated to the International Day of Human Rights.

From all contestants these are the best ranked papers: first place - Emir Kurtishi, the second -Vanja Premçeska and third - Gentiana Mustafa. The best articles are published on the portal ‘’. Certificates for the winners and participants were awarded by the editor-in-chief of this portal, Ms. Elida Zylbeari, who said she is honoured to evaluate the best students.

The purpose of this organization was to raise students' awareness about rights that they have as human beings, to encourage them to write about these topics and to encourage them to participate in the competition.

Dean of the Faculty of Law, Emine Zendeli said that mentality should be changed in order to fight violations in all spheres of life.

“We still face abuses and violations of human rights, and the implementation of the Declaration is not so simple. Maybe we cannot do much, but we just have to fight that mentality because we cannot solve problems with the same mentality that have been created but we need to have a new mindset" said among other things Dean Zendeli.

Students presented a video prepared by them, addressing issues of homeless children, what rights belong to them by law and how they should be treated.

Also, in front of all participants in the event were read the best three works of the students, while the event was concluded with quiz, attended by students from three faculties, namely: Faculty of Law, Faculty of Contemporary Social Sciences and Faculty of Languages, Cultures and Communication.