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The well-known businessman from Kosovo-- Ejup Ahmeti with a symbolic donation promoted the initiative Alumni for the University

On Wednesday (10th October) at the South East European University at Skopje Centre, with a symbolic donation of 10 computers from the company "Doni Fruits", whose owner is Ejup Ahmeti –a SEEU Alumni, was promoted the initiative ‘Alumni for the University and the University for Alumni'.

The aim of this initiative is that the SEEU Alumni--who today are owners of successful businesses, proven professionals and well-known personalities through various activities to maintain and strengthen, ties with the University and vice versa.

On this occasion, the well-known businessman from Kosovo, Ejup Ahemti, delivered a lecture on topic – ‘Challenges and experiences - from studies to business’.

“The university does not make you successful but enables you to acquire the basis of knowledge to be successful in your business or career,” said the Rector Acad. Prof. Dr. Abdylmenaf Bexheti, in front of present students.

“We can write very good books, but putting into practice what we say in books is done by courageous and successful people, such as Ejup Ahmeti, for whom we are proud to have been part of us and continues to maintain ties with his university” Rector Bexheti noted among other things.

“To be successful you have to have a dream, but to bring it to life you need to have the knowledge. This knowledge, this basis I gained in this university, which for many things is a regional model of quality assurance in teaching,” said Ejup Ahmeti.

The businessman Ejup Ahmeti urged the students not to withdraw from their goals, to be determined because then the success is inevitable.

"Doni Fruits" is a renowned regional fruit and vegetable supply company that operates in Kosovo, Albania and Macedonia, and plans to expand in the EU market.