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Motivated and with Clear Goals, the Fourteenth Generation of SEEU Students Graduates

With emotions, acknowledgements and hopes for a better future, South East European University on Saturday (June 16, 2018) graduated the fourteenth generation of this University. Along with parents and family members of the students, the US ambassador in Macedonia, H.E. Jess Baily, the Slovenian Ambassador, H.E. Milan Jazbec, the Minister of Education and Science, Arbër Ademi, representatives of the business community and many other guests were present.

Prof. Dr. Dennis Farrington, the President of the SEEU Board, stressed in his speech the importance of the engagement and contribution that our graduates should give in the overall development of the country.

“Citizens, parents and friends, you have every reason to be sceptical about some of the things you will hear and read about higher education, but there is no reason to doubt me when I say ‘We are the best.’ Students, your success proves it. Remember to thank those who made it possible” said Farrington.

“The initiatives taken jointly by the Council, the OSCE, USAID, the European Union and our national partners, resulted in the creation of SEEU as a multi-ethnic, trilingual institution with two key features: freedom from any form of political interference and a continuous international presence” Prof. Farrington noted.

“I have the honour and the pleasure today to be present in the promotion of the 14th generation of graduates who have chosen to acquire academic knowledge at South East European University - one of the most attractive institutions of higher education in the country and in the region. It is known for the quality and wide spectrum of educational opportunities that it offers; for innovations that continuously apply to the study programmes; for the contemporary practical training of its students; and for the cooperation and projects it initiates with a large number of higher educational institutions, as well as with the scientific and business community.” said the Minister of Education and Science, Arbër Ademi.

The Minister said that he has no doubt about the quality of knowledge and skills that students already have gained, because he knows the long-term goals and the efforts of the management and teaching staff of South East European University.

The US ambassador in Macedonia, H.E. Jess Baily, in his speech reminded the graduates that they had studied at a university which was founded on the principles of quality teaching and intellectual exchange. SEEU has a high reputation as a university, where students can get a great education that is competitive on the international stage.

Ambassador Bailysaid: “It is also a new beginning for the University, as Prof. Abdylmenaf Bexheti will take office as rector, and Prof. Dika will begin a new phase in his distinguished career. SEEU was founded as an independent, not-for-profit university. It remains the only one of its kind in Macedonia. As the leading university in Macedonia with a voice independent from the state and free of the pressure to turn a profit, SEEU is an essential democratic institution.”

“I encourage you to take on the obligation and organize yourselves as alumni to protect SEEU for the benefit of future students and the university as whole. I also encourage you to continue to build on your multi-cultural, multi-lingual experience at SEEU by promoting diversity, inclusion, and tolerance as values that strengthen a society throughout your future careers, wherever you may go.”, Ambassador Baily urged the SEEU graduates.

Ambassador Bailysaid that he is also optimistic about the future of SEEU and of Macedonia as a country. But optimism should not be taken for granted because achieving and sustaining success and prosperity requires great effort and persistence.

The SEEU Rector, Prof. Dr. Zamir Dika, reminded the participants that “situation is probably like last year, but I'm surprised to find that I am even more motivated than last year due to the fact that I see more light in you on the long road of intellectual and professional development.”

“Today, this entire staff you have in front of you--in close cooperation with our international founders and in a coalition with your parents who, in these circumstances, trusted and invested in your university studies, and led by the international values of the European Higher Education Area and Euro-Western civilization--we managed to maintain the autonomy of the university. Even in these circumstances of unforeseen difficulties, we proved that with hard work, devotion and love for our profession, and with trust in real ideals, every battle can be won, no matter how impossible it may seem”said Rector Dika, who in a gesture of gratitude read the names of all employees of the University.

In this ceremony the best students of the generation were also recognized and were provided with special certificates. Among them, and speaking on behalf of all the graduates, was Blerina Demiri, a student of International Communications.

“This entire journey to success, each small step that brought us to this great day, would not have the appropriate colouration without the efforts of those who gave everything from themselves in the name of knowledge. Therefore, dear professors, if after a decade may not remember every theory that you have taught, your image in memory of each one of us, will be deep-seated,” emphasized Ms. Demiri.

The ceremony was moderated by Burbuqe Kaprolli, the Head of the Career Centre.

For the artistic part of the ceremony SEEU engaged the well known instrumental duo from Top Channel Television; the Choir of the University of Tetova, led by Maestro Arifikmet Xhemaili; and a well-known string quartet from Skopje.