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Teaching started after the orientation week

After the orientation week that started on 15  of September, teaching at SEE University began on 22nd of September.  For a number of years, the new academic year at SEE University has started on 15th of September in accordance to the Bologna process.

The first week is the orientation week for new students. During the orientation week,  students were introduced to the university infrastructure and received ID cards,  prepared their schedule and were introduced to Student Advisers and the administration within the University. On 22nd of September, lectures started for 1500 students and there was great interest for postgraduate studies.

The Pro-rector for Academic Issues, Prof.Dr. Zamir Dika said that  officially there were students’ receptions and promotions of the first academic class in five faculties.

"This year we have 1500 applications for the first cycle of studies (undergraduate studies),  and the same were allocated to all study programs. Groups were formed in Macedonian and in Albanian languages, but this year there was great interest for new study programs in English particularly for those programs that are offered in cooperation with European Universities. Students have all the conditions for successful academic year at the University ", stated Pro-rector Zamir Dika.

On the first day from the commencement of teaching students were accepted by Deans of the respective faculties who welcomed  them and informed them of the opportunities and information technology capacities that are used in the teaching process at the University.

 The same  welcome  and orientation  was offered  at the SEEU Center in Skopje where there was significantly increased interest for study in the  dispersed university study programs.