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SEEU Summer Camp brought together High-School Graduates, Students and Professors on the Tetovo Campus

"Education, Technology and the Knowledge Economy" was the topic of a summer camp organized by the Faculty of Business and Economics. The summer camp was held on the 19th and 20th of April, 2018, at SEEU in Tetovo.

About 160 high-school graduates from high schools in Macedonia were able to get acquainted with the infrastructure, teachers, students and functioning of the University.

Of those approximately 160 students who participated in the camp, 65 of them stayed in the SEEU dormitories.

“We in the SEEU Executive Management were pleased to support this initiative of the Faculty of Business and Economics. This Summer Camp brought many enthusiastic students to our campus, where they had the opportunity to attend sessions (led by our academic staff) on the topics of education, technology and the knowledge economy," said the SEEU Provost, Andrew Goodspeed.

“Within the camp there were different training sessions, in which about 12 professors lectured on certain subjects and various topics. The aim was for the students to get acquainted with each other in the summer camp, to have some entertainment, and also to have an idea about their further journey in choosing their direction of studies or profession," said the Dean of the Faculty of Business and Economics, Prof. Dr. Izet Zeqiri.

The camp offered an opportunity for them to socialize with each other, and the topics that were taught by our professors made them more interested in the quality, academic profile and professionalism of the University.

Symbolically the Summer Camp brought together current SEEU students and high-school graduates in order to gain experience, and to enable the high-school graduates to create a more realistic picture of the University, and how studying here might develop their professional career.