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Training for the BAR Exam at the SEEU Faculty of Law

The Faculty of Law at SEEU, in cooperation with the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Macedonia, will start the implementation of the Training for the Preparation of the Bar Examination, beginning from 12 April 2018.

This training is accredited by the Accreditation and Evaluation Board of Higher Education in the Republic of Macedonia and represents an innovation in the Faculty of Law-SEEU, by distinguishing this faculty from other law schools in the country and beyond.

The Bar exam as a professional examination, represents an investment for graduates who will be able to perform their duties, for the performance of which the provision of this exam is necessary.

“Therefore, following the trends of contemporary Law Faculties, which give priority to the training and practical part, we considered it reasonable for the students and other interested candidates to offer this training for the Bar exam," says the Dean of the Faculty of Law, Prof. Dr. Emine Zendeli.

“The training will be divided into two sessions: the theoretical part and the practical part. For the theoretical part of the training, proven professors in the relevant legal fields will be engaged, while for the practical part experts will be engaged from legal practice (judges, prosecutors, law executors, notaries, etc.),” says Doc. Dr. Arta Selmani, training coordinator.

Students and candidates who will attend the training will have at their disposal all the necessary materials based on the programme for passing the Bar exam prepared by the Ministry of Justice. Candidates will also be offered free access to online resources for all legal acts during the training period. At any time, they will be encouraged to seek advice from professors, experts, and training coordinators both during the training, and during the period of the Bar examination at the Ministry of Justice.

The deadline for application for the Training is 11th April 2018.

This training will be offered to second cycle students of the Faculty of Law of SEEU, as well as all other interested candidates.