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SEEU Technological Park Enables Innovation and ‘Smart’ Partnership among the University, Industry, & Government

The Technological Park of South East European University (SEEU TechPark) is in line with the strategic goals of public policy for the economic development of Macedonia and the region, because the information and communications technology sector in Macedonia and in the region is capable of sustainable development.

“It is important to note that SEEU has an internationally verified staffing potential in the field of computer science, computer engineering and business informatics. So we were not guided by the concept of duplicating concepts, but with the idea of resources, market and needs analysis, and by adapting it to the potentials and aspirations of the university”, said the Rector of SEEU, Prof. Dr. Zamir Dika.

According to the SEEU Technological Park annual report, in Macedonia, as well in the region in general, the trend of dragging economies continues and this accelerates the displacement of the healthiest part of our population towards Western countries. Therefore, as Rector Dika says, technological parks themselves include the most important or key elements for a knowledge-based economy, such as aspects of innovation, commercialization of ideas, entrepreneurship and a ‘smart’ partnership among the University, industry, & government. This is what would help prevent the migration of young professionals.

“Technological and scientific parks are organizations managed by specialized professionals whose goal is to enhance community wellbeing by promoting the culture of innovation and competitiveness for businesses within knowledge-based institutions such as the University. Today, the battle of information and communication technology companies in the market and in development aspect is the competition around the professional staff they have, i.e., about human resources”, noted Rector Dika, by adding that SEEU, notably the Faculty of Contemporary Sciences and Technologies, has students who have been given the opportunity to work directly in the Technological Park for concrete projects during their studies.

Students who have ideas for business development also have, through the TechPark, the needed infrastructure to develop their ideas, as well as cooperation with the real labour market.