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Rector Dika: Designing higher education should correspond to the immediate needs of society

The focus of an external evaluation made by the European University Association (EUA) was the internationalization of universities.

Today achieving genuine integration of the multi-cultural and multilingual community is a core mission of South East European University (SEEU), and can be reached in classes where teaching is conducted in English, which are informed by direct experience from the real labour market and international experiences and standards.

“We feel privileged that the assessment made by the international evaluators in front of the Senators, expresses appreciation of the fact that South East European University is a successful brand that needs to be cultivated ... ", emphasized the rector of this university, Prof. Dr. Zamir Dika. According to him, with these standards, this university has transformed into an important factor of influence in transforming societies in the Balkans into knowledge-based societies.

“However, despite all of these positive efforts and positive practices in higher education in Macedonia--as well as the positive willingness of all participants in the development of the country's development policies, as well as in the region--the trend of dragging economies continues and this accelerates the displacement of the healthiest part of our population towards Western countries. While European countries place higher education at the centre of development to ensure competitive progress globally, this linking is not working properly here and, as a consequence, an essential intervention is needed in reforming the higher education system. Preconditions for this process are ideal. We have a new political moment and a new philosophy that is based on the values of a society and a multi-ethnic state with clear integration perspectives in the family of Euro-Atlantic values”. He continued, "in order to move forward, firstly, a consensus should be reached by all participants in the higher education system on the questions: are we ready to accept that our higher education system is over-dimensioned? Are we willing to accept that academic and managerial performance is far from the expectations of society and the labour market? Are we willing to accept that the ambition for unconditional autonomy moves the academy from keeping the focus on the student in the centre? Are we willing to accept that we can learn from each other and that we should cooperate? Are we willing to admit that diplomas are still sold at universities?”, noted Rector Dika, who further pointed out that although this approach at first glance seems naive, yet, however, is coherent with the methodology of scientific research.

Rector Dika noted that South East European University is ready to contribute to the designing of higher education, with the sole purpose of meeting the needs of society based on values, economy and hope.