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SEEU Marks Albanian National Flag Day

“The Albanian Flag Day is recorded in the collective memory as a holiday that, for 105 years, has marked the most decisive turning point in the history of our national consciousness.", said the Rector of South East European University, Prof. Dr. Zamir Dika, in his opening remarks at the formal ceremony commemorating the Independence Day of the Albanian State on 28 November.

“A nation should be proud of its holidays, but this is not enough to prove that its future always depends on the fame that holidays create. Therefore, I emphasize our public accountability, by maintaining academic integrity, transparency, strategic planning, and projects that provide long-term sustainability. These are our challenges on which our next activities will be based”, said the Rector Dika.

“The act of Flag Rising and the Declaration of Independence in Vlora are the most important events in the history of the Albanian people. These events were the fruit of the centuries-old struggles of Albanians towards forming an independent Albanian state. Thus, with the decision of the Vlora Assembly, the Albanians gained their legitimate right to be free and independent, as did other nations of Europe" said Prof. Dr. Mustafa Ibrahimi of the Department of Albanian Language and Literature at SEEU.

“The Albanian flag is the most sublime symbol that expresses the national identity. Moreover, this flag is the best proof of loyalty to the nation and homeland. It is a rare and unlikely event, where in all states the presidents swear on the sacred books - the Bible or the Qur'an, but the Albanian president takes the oath before the national flag”, said Doc. Dr. Demush Bajrami.

As a conclusion, the student Rita Behadini recited selected verses from Fan Noli.