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The Alphabet Congress unites the Values of the Past with the Present and the Future

On November 21 the historical and cultural event of the Albanian alphabet--Bitola Congress was observed by the Deans and Directors of South East European University.

"Maybe it's just a coincidence, but the birthday of our University is precisely in November, and it therefore coincides with this very important event for us. The Bitola Congress, like all other linguistic, literary, cultural, political and historical events, when seen from today's perspective is closely related to the vision and dynamics of our emancipative and cultural development, "said the Rector of SEEU, Prof. Dr. Zamir Dika.

As Rector Dika said, the vision of a nation is defined by its ability to merge the values of the past with those of the present and of the future. "A careful approach in accepting these values could not be done without the huge contribution of prominent figures from literature and linguistics at the time," henoted.

The Bitola Congress, which is also known as the Congress for the Unification of the Albanian Alphabet, took place on November 14-22, 1908 in Bitola. At that time, many participants in their works insisted that the Albanian language should not be written either in Arabic script or Greek, but in Latin. The Congress decided unanimously to write the Albanian language only in a Latin script, with 36 letters, and this alphabet is still used.