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Prof. Dr. Veton Latifi in Warsaw lectured on the transatlantic approach, Albanian policy prospects and recent political developments in Europe

Prof. Dr. Veton Latifi participated at the scientific forum of the Center for Eastern Studies (OSW) that took part on October 24th in Warsaw.

At this forum with the central topic on the Eastern influences to the geopolitical regions, the professor of the SEEU was invited by the OSW to be a key-note speaker.

In this occasion, Prof. Dr. Veton Latifi presented his lecture on the central topic: “The transatlantic approach vs. Eastern attempts in influencing the international relations of the Balkans”.

Prior to that, on October 23rd, Professor Latifi presented a public lecture at the University of Warsaw on the topic: “The orientations and prospects of the Albanian politics in the XXI century”. The lecture was destined for the students that attend the program on Eastern European Studies at this public university.

At the end of his visit, Prof. Dr. Veton Latifi had a presentation as well as at the Polish Institute of Foreign Affairs. In front of the heads of the research and program of Central Europe of this well- known institute, he presented his views regarding the latest political developments in Europe and their potential reflections to Central and South East Europe.