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SEE University Alpine Club conquers Mt. Ararat

Memet Mehmeti and Artan Luma, members of the SEE University-Alpine Club and the Alpine Federation of Republic of Macedonia, participated in a climbing expedition in Turkey, from the 26th of August to the 3rd of September 2009. Despite bad weather conditions, they successfully reached the summit of the Turkish mountain, Ararat (altitude 5137 m).

This expedition represents the biggest success of this club since its establishment.

According to the data, Mt. Ararat is the highest peak in the Middle East, located in Northeast Turkey, 16 km west of Iran and 32 km south of Armenia.

Ararat is a mountain formed by strata-volcanic lava and hot rocks. In July 1840, there was a magnitude 7.4 earthquake with the epicentre near Ahora. The earthquake was accompanied by an explosive eruption from the northern slope close to the Ararat
summit.  The Turks call Mt. Ararat the mountain of pain (Agri Dagi), and the Kurds call it the mountain of fire.

It is important to note that this ascent was dedicated to one of the founders and deceased member of the SEE University-Alpine Club, Xhengis Beqiri. The expedition was realized thanks to the support of South East European University and  EVN-Macedonia