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The book Cold Peace by Selim Ibrahimi was promoted

On Tuesday (10 May 2016), at South East European University, the book ‘Cold Peace’ (Paqja e Fohtë) was promoted. The work is by Selim Ibrahimi, an author, journalist and founder of the CSSD-Macedonia.

“The importance of the facts and arguments of this book lies in how it confronts the truth with the fluid geopolitical view. These truths do not come automatically, but the author has consulted a mountain of resources, bibliographic references, institutions and authors to bring to us the complete description of ideas of a region such as the Balkans -- complex by history and conflicting by geography " - said Emin Azemi, the book's editor.

Sadri Ramabaja, professor in Iliria University and another editor of the book, said that the geopolitical arguments that the author uses play a major role in establishing the governing acts of politics. Selim Ibraimi, according to Mr. Ramabaja, proves that he possesses solid knowledge of these developments.

In the synopsis of the description of ideas, Selim Ibraimi has brought to the attention of readers metaphorical neuralgic points of glob.