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SEEU students very creative in the Days of Simulated Trial

Several third year SEEU students from the Faculty of Law (from both campuses, Tetovo and Skopje) participated in the activity ‘Days of Simulated Trial’, organized by the University ‘Goce Delcev’ in Shtip, and with the support of the OSCE Mission.

The activity involved the participation of five universities in the Republic of Macedonia; the host university selected two criminal cases from practice and assigned roles for all faculties. The five students from SEEU were: Fatime Bilalli – judge, Enkelej Ajazi – lawyer, Dritan Dauti – witness, Edona Idrizi – witness and Amet Ismani – administrative secretary.

The event was organized for the first time and this year was not of a competitive character, but according to the organizers it is expected to be competitive in the future. Then each faculty will simulate a trial and at the end the best ones will be the winners.

Both PhD assistants Vedije Ratkoceri and Blerta Arifi said that SEEU's participants distinguished themselves by their creativity, their professional preparation, and particularly in the simulation of roles and communication in situations where things went off the scenario.

At the end the participants were awarded certificates.