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SEEU Meets Companies and Banks for Integrated Studies

"Integrated Studies with Practice at the South East European University – Benefits and Success for the Business in the Republic of Macedonia” was the topic of meetings that were held in the SEEU Tetovo campus (on 17 March 2015) and in SEEU Skopje (on 24 March 2015).

In both meetings, SEEU officials met with representatives from local companies and banks.

The purpose of these discussions was to provide deeper information to companies and banks about integrated studies, and to emphasize the importance of these studies for companies, banks and students.

The participants discussed the role of combined studies—theory and integrated praxis—which helps the student to train for their future jobs, and enables the provision of full scholarships by the partner companies and partner banks of the University.

Integrated Studies with Practice are offered by South East European University for the first time in this country. They represent an innovation for the future of the labour market, because these study programmes combine the theoretical and practical aspects of the learning and teaching process. This is designed to assure that the young generation of tomorrow will have competitive advantages in the labour market. The participants presented their points of view, and discussed the opportunities of the programmes; participants included the German expert for Integrated Studies, Prof. Norbert Marx; the Pro-rector for Entrepreneurship, Prof. Dr. Mirolub Shukarov; the Dean of the Faculty of Business and Economics, Prof. Dr. Stefan Ciriqi; Prof. Dr. Besnik Fetai; Doc. Dr. Bujar Raufi; Mr. Lumni Ajvazi, Director of Business Development Centre, Mr. Ymer Ollogu, branch manager of “Stopanska Banka” in Tetovo; and Mr. Hamim Dauti from “Dauti komerc” .

Companies and banks welcomed this programme and expressed their willingness to cooperate with the University in the advancement of the education system that will meet the requirements and expectations of business. They expressed to the University a readiness for collaboration with the purpose of business development, either through training courses organized by the SEEU Business Development Centre and, now, through the new study programme specifically designed for businesses that operate in Macedonia and other Balkan countries.