South East European University
bringing knowledge to life!


Completion of secondary school for you means a step towards the future, a new unknown journey that will determine the manner and profile of your life. Choose us for this journey of yours, in order to satisfy the thirst for knowledge and to meet the requirements of employers within global trends.

Contemporary study programmes

Study programmes are designed in accordance with the requirements of local, regional and the international labour market. In cooperation with international universities, the University curricula are continuously developed and adapted to bring the best expertise that will satisfy the requirements of the rapid development of information technology.

Interactive learning and teaching

If you decide to study at one of our faculties, you will have the opportunity to become a part of the modern learning and teaching process enhanced by interactive teaching methods and equipment, in a multilingual university. Lecturers are profiled local professors according to the faculty curriculum, as well as lecturers or experts from EU countries and the U.S., who shall be in your disposal (24 hours online). Moreover, you will be able to choose the regime of studies: full time, part time or online studies.

Personal contact 

What distinguishes the South East European University from other universities in the region?

Exactly, the possibility for a special treatment from your professors and services offered by the SEEU staff makes SEEU to be many steps ahead from others. Online communication with professors at any time and other online services will enable you to keep up within the study system and any other part of your student life on campus, improving and developing your professional skills. 

Learning about the real world

The combination of theory and practical work, allows you to gain the necessary skills to be able to manage in your career. The Integrated model of studies offered at the university in the Faculty of Contemporary Sciences and Technologies, allows you direct access to the labour market, where 50% of the studies are carried out in the company, while 50% of theoretical instruction through lectures at university. 

The continuous support that will be provided during your practical work by the Career Centre is also important, which ensures an streamlined access to institutions and companies. The Career Centre will continue to support you after completing your studies, providing information on various offers in the labour market. 


The University is committed to consistently provide quality in teaching and all other university services. Quality assurance focuses on academic matters closely related to teaching and learning services that directly support students, such as the Library, Student Services and Career Centre. This is done through the Quality Assurance and Management Office, which through questionnaires and other methods, makes objective assessment of teachers and services.

Integrated Campus

A modern infrastructure with all qualities of international universities designed according to the principle of everything in one place, enabling comprehensive interaction between students of all study disciplines. Green space with accommodation facilities, four lecture halls and more than 30 classrooms, contemporary computer centre, multimedia laboratories and technology park, library with reading room, sports fields and fitness room.

Student life

The diversity of the South East European University is what pleases you most. It is a secure place, with 24 hour security service and everything you would expect from student life. You will be able to be accommodated in the University Student Housing, which provide conditions that are designed according to the needs of new generations, with constant access to the Internet. 

Financial support

If you pass testing for scholarships, you can profit from one the scholarship programmes that will support you with tuition fees. Also, you have the opportunity to apply in the programme Work and Study that enables you to work in any of the university services and thus you will reduce tuition and also gain experience.

Environmental awareness

Designed from the start as a green and ecological campus, SEE University continually invests in environment protection, ecological construction materials, takes care of green spaces, water filtration and reusage, recycling and waste selection, and multiple investment in renewable energy production and increasing energy efficiency.