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SEEU Review Volume 15 Issue 1 - Covid19

Extended deadline - 30 September, 2020

The newly appeared coronavirus - Covid-19, was first declared a global health emergency on 30th of January by the World Health Organisation, and on 11th of March the disease was named a pandemic.

Currently, research is mainly focused to understanding the source, cause, and cure of Covid-19, in order to find out what would help to predict the future of the spread of Covid-19 around the world.

This pandemic has become a global issue which changed our lives, and continues to influence the way we function on daily basis. In many countries the borders are closed, economies are in shock, health systems are overloaded and educative institutions are adapting their curricula.

How will the society function after this trauma? What if it lasts longer? How will the states recover from the economy crisis? Could all the education institutions around the world, adapt their curricula uniformly? What are the difficulties faced by schools and universities regarding online teaching? How much do we trust our state institutions/media/health care, etc.? – These are some of the questions that this special issue of SEEU Review will seek by addressing the challenge of living in the era of COVID- 19 from the perspective of social sciences, humanities, and computer sciences.

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SEEU Review seeks to publish original work that demonstrates currency and relevance to the field of study addressed. Submitted papers will be double peer-reviewed by blind reviewers from the specific fields included in the Review. SEEU Review will accept the following types of articles for consideration: research papers, position papers, white papers, and reviews.

SEEU Review is published twice a year.

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