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SEEU students in a working visit to the Assembly of Republic of Kosovo

Days ago, a group of students of the Faculty of Public Administration and Political Science, accompanied by Secretary General of the South East European University (SEEU), Xhevair Memedi, pro-dean Prof. Jonuz Abdullai (the organizer), Professor Bejtush Gashi, the Director of Human Resources Muharrem Etemi, Head of the PR Office Demush Bajrami and the President of the SEEU Students’ Union Agon Ferati, realized a working visit to the Assembly of Republic Kosovo.

This group was welcomed in a cordial manner by the chiefs of the parliamentary groups of the position and opposition, Ramë Buja- Democratic Party of Kosovo (PDK), Ardian Gjini Alliance for Future of Kosovo (AAK) and Ibrahim Makolli New Alliance of Kosovo (AKR), and chief of the parliamentary group of the LDK, Lutfi Aziri, accompanied SEEU guests during lunch that was organized by his colleague, Ramë Buja, in the restaurant "Simfonia" in Pristina.
Rame Buja present students and professors informed about the form of governance of the state, position and role of the Assembly of Republic Kosovo, etc. According to him, the position and the role of the Assembly is defined by the Constitution of Kosovo, where, according to the provisions of the fundamental laws of the State, the Assembly of Kosovo is the highest representative and legislative institution of Kosovo. As such, the Assembly has the responsibility to pass laws and resolutions in the areas of responsibility of the institutions, the Assembly elects the Presidency, President of the Assembly, approves the candidate for prime minister along with a list of cabinet ministers, proposed by the candidate for prime minister, and examines approves the proposed international agreements, within the scope of its responsibilities; decides on the impeachment motions against the government, etc.
Also, students have learned that the Kosovo Assembly, as the highest representative institution, consists of 120 MPs elected by secret voting. However, they have also learned that not all MP are elected by free vote of the people. Thus, "the chairs of the MP that are reserved for additional representation of other non-Albanian communities in Kosovo, especially the Serb community," explained the officials of the Kosovo Assembly. In the last elections on 17 November 2007, the Democratic Party of Kosovo won the election, while in second place was listed LDK. Precisely these two parties now represent the parliamentary majority and are in the coalition of the Government of the Republic of Kosovo.
The leaders of parliamentary groups in answering many questions by SEEU students, said that there is complete consensus on political subjects for Euro-Atlantic integrations, which according to them this fact is a wonderful for the state. However, they put highlights on the fact that only good will is not enough, but it is needed a major institution work in order to pass the Euro-Atlantic integration path and social climate for meeting the necessary standards for the reforms and integration process.
In the end, is worth mentioning that this visit was conducted just one day after the visit of U.S. Vice President, Joseph Biden, where emotionally were still commented the words of Vice President said in Pristina “a whole and indivisible Kosovo is absolutely essential " . Hosts this emotion had passed to the students, by citing Vice President Biden that "recognition of independence from the United States is an irreversible process."