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SEEU’s Rector Prof. Dr. Zamir Dika successfully completed the Harvard University Executive Program

For the executives of various institutions from 23 countries that were part of this program, a great opportunity to closely analyse contemporary models of financial management was offered, using the most advanced techniques of financial analysis based on case studies, said SEEU’s Rector, Prof. Dr. Zamir Dika, after returning from Harvard (USA).

A few days ago, the Rector of the South East European University (SEEU), Prof. Dr. Zamir Dika, successfully completed the Executive Program at Harvard University (USA),respectively, at the Harvard Business School, (which is ranked first in the world in all rankings), in the field of “Finance for Executive Leaders“. In this program, which is designed for leaders of relevant institutions for the purpose of exploring the strategies for institutional development based on advanced financial data and model, eminent professors from this school of University Harvard have lectured. For executive representatives of different institutions from 23 countries which were part of this program, an excellent opportunity for analysing contemporary models of financial management, using the most advanced technique of financial analysis based on case studies was offered.

“This was a unique experience of merging theory and practice of most current cases, always based on results from scientific researches for transmitting knowledge and competences which open new paths for managing with institutions”, said after his return from Harvard, Rector Dika. According to Rector Dika, for South East European University this is another opportunity to advance its own unique model in the region and to explore new ways of strengthen its international presence.

It should be noted the fact that this program was preceded with an official visit of Rector Dika and Pro-Rector Andrew Goodspeed to Indiana University – as a strategic partner of SEEU, to discuss new opportunities for cooperation, exchange and partnership in regional and international projects. In Bloomington, Rector Dika and Pro-Rector Goodspeed held meetings with the Vice President of Indiana University, David Zaret, who is also a board member of SEEU and Prof. Venkataramanan from the IU Provost office. These meetings concluded successful cooperation between these two institutions of higher education, emphasizing the necessity of deepening this cooperation.

Moreover, in Bloomington an important meeting with the Dean of the Kelley Business School (ranked in the top 25 higher education institutions in the global ranking), Prof. Idalene K. and executive director of the Global MBA Program, Prof. M. Richard, with whom SEEU is implementing a joint program in Master of Business Administration (MBA), where one semester is accomplished by this prestigious business school has been realized. Series of meetings in Bloomington continued with the Director of International Programs and institutes with whom the intensification of relations are expected to occur including the exchange of students and staff.

In Indianapolis a meeting with the Chancellor of the Indiana University, Purdue(IUPUI), Prof. Charles R. B. and his deputy Prof. Gil L., has been realized which has given positive feedback and opinion for the progress that SEEU has made during this period, whereby Rector Dika thanked them for their continued support. In particular, is needed to be stressed the meeting with SEEU’s friend, Dean of the School of Informatics & Computing, Prof. Mathew Palakal and other Representatives of this globally recognized school. "For Prof. Palakal, we can freely say that he is the creator of the computer science program at the SEEU and he has consistently pursued the development of this program," says Rector Dika, adding that in this meetings were discussed ways in how to increase the level of cooperation in the field of scientific research, bearing in mind that some SEEU staff members have completed master and doctoral studies at this faculty and now is offered the opportunity to compete together in joint research projects and the possibilities for student and staff exchange.

Legend (photo): Executive representatives of various institutions from 23 countries that were part of the program "Finance for Senior Executives" in Harvard Business School .