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Lecturers Adrian Besimi and Visar Shehu gain the Project Global Integrity

“Simply Visualizing Politics” is the project, which needs to be realized within six months and holders are Visar Shehu and Adrian Besimi, lecturers at the Faculty of Contemporary Sciences and Technologies-South East European University.

Nongovernmental Organizations “Global Integrity”Washington DC, has chosen to financially support the project “Simply Visualizing Politics” by the authors Adrian Besimi and Visar Shehu.

The project aims through a text analysis and innovative methods to provide a simple and clear overview of political situation in Macedonia

The project aims to create a web-based platform that will present relevant information for the speeches in the Parliament.

“The Parliament of Macedonia has carefully gathered all the speeches and debates that were held - thousands of documents exist" says Visar Shehu. He says they have developed a tool, which will enable the citizens of Macedonia to measure speeches of politicians and make them more accountable.

“From this project will benefit voters, journalists and non-governmental organizations. In society, the project should affect the promotion of transparency and accountability of politicians in Macedonia”, says Shehu.

The project should be implemented in a period of six months, with the possibility for extension and refinancing. Two workshops are foreseen to be held.

The project has been selected among five projects out of 311 that have applied.