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Intensification of Cooperation with Linnaeus University in Växjö, Sweden

A delegation of the South East European University led by the Rector Prof. Dr. Zamir Dika, Dean of CST Faculty Prof. Dr. Betim Çiço and Pro-Dean of the CST Faculty Adrian Besimi visited Linnaeus University in Växjö, Sweden from 8-10 April, by realizing a series of fruitful meetings with senior representatives of the university.

Within the framework of meetings with representatives of the Faculty of Technology, the International Relations Office and in particular with the Rector of Linnaeus University, Prof. Dr. Stephen Hwang, different experiences of the two universities were exchanged and opportunities for intensification and further expansion of cooperation especially in the field of research. Prof. Dr. Hwang expressed his willingness to visit the SEEU in the coming months for the signing of a comprehensive Memorandum of mutual cooperation.

The Faculty of Technologies-Linnaeus University and the SEEU’s Faculty of Contemporary Sciences and Technologies, have excellent cooperation in the framework of the project "Linnaeus-Palme" (exchange of students and academic staff). For a period of several years, more than 20 students from SEEU have graduated or are attending master studies at the Linnaeus University, and 3 doctoral study students.

Thanks to the commitment of the CST Faculty academic staff member, Prof. Dr. Arian Kurti, now staff member of Linnaeus University, most of these students have achieved success in their studies and have become ambassadors of SEEU.

This visit was also used for meeting all SEEU Alumni studying at Linnaeus University, to show SEEU’s commitment to these ambassadors and get a feedback on the experiences, challenges and different opportunities that these students have had and have in Sweden.