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Meeting with SEEU Alumni in Kosovo

Very important, impressive, correct meeting, it is good to see that someone cares for former students after they graduated. These were some of the words of the participants/alumni at the first meeting with the SEEU Alumni in Kosovo, which was held on Friday (March 16, 2012), in Prishtina.

The meeting was opened by SEEU’s Rector, who said that "the campus where you have studied is developing in terms of a long-term goal – that of becoming the first Eco campus in the region of Southeast Europe.”

The focus in the current period is to strengthen research capacities in universities - with the establishment of two institutes, and coordination of applicable research with growing entrepreneurial initiatives to help economic and technological development in the region, to help companies and society in general - here where we live. So this is the way of commitment to our mission, being a third generation university.

“I want to inform you about the fact that slowly, but surely, your university is turning into a tailored service university, with information systems applications for class management for adequate provision of services on the web, as well for effective decision making," said Rector Prof. Dr. Zamir Dika.

SEEU Alumni from Kosovo were greeted by the President of the SEEU Board, Prof. Dr. Dennis Farrington, who expressed satisfaction with the interest shown. He said such meetings unite students and assist in the exchange of experience.

The meeting was attended by the Minister of Education, Science and Technology of Kosovo Mr. Ramë Buja, as well.

On this occasion, Minister Buja said that he feels very honoured to attend this very sympathetic meeting of this institution.

"It is pleasure to be among the students who have completed a cycle of studies, who are aware about other cycles and have plans for the next cycle," said Minister Buja.

"This makes me very happy that I am meeting people who are knowledgeable, and there is nothing more charming. You are now seriously contributing in all segments of Kosovo and this is very special," said among other things, Minister Ramë Buja.

It is expected that the meeting with SEEU Alumni from Kosovo to become a traditional meeting for all generations.