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Book promotion at SEEU: “Butterfly Book” by Veton Surroi

“Butterfly Book”, by the author Veton Surroi was promoted on Wednesday (29.02.2012), at the South East European University in Tetovo.

In the opening of the promotion meeting, the expert of circumstances at the time and former MP, Demush Bajrami said that 2001 brought into light the Albanian leadership, which gave evidence of unity in the most difficult moments of the conflict. "Here, I mean the three political and military leaders of that time, Arben Xhaferi, Ali Ahmeti and Ymer Ymer," said Bjarami.

“South East European University is a projection of the 19th century for the 21st century. This is the vision of peace and institutional life. This was demonstrated by SEEU’s ranking in second place, among the best universities in Macedonia," said Mr. Surroi. I have written and promoted this book here, because I have to pay some debts to the Albanians from Macedonia. The first debt is the contribution of Albanians from Macedonia, who during the Kosovo war opened the doors for all Kosovo Albanians. The second debt is my contribution to the truth and the third debt is to contribute to peace. The platforms of Albanians from Macedonia have always been to be constitutional in all aspects. To what level this has been achieved remains to be analyzed. With this book, I have not tried to give the absolute truth, because it does not exist. I wanted to say things in which I was the protagonist and the things that I know or have had information about.

The analyst Rizvan Sulejmani, said that book is written in a very easy language and acceptable for everyone. What characterizes the book is its symbolism, such as the title of the book itself.

The analyst Sefer Tahiri said that the book has a wide range publicity analysis and seeks to open more debates about current issues.

The book “Butterfly Book” of the author Veton Surroi makes an in-depth analysis of the relevant factors that lead to the conflict of 2001 in Macedonia.