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ASSECO awarded 34 certificates to the Students of the Faculty of Contemporary Sciences and Technologies at SEEU

"This is the best university campus, not only in Macedonia, but in the region and abroad," said Ivo Ivanovski, the Minister for Informatics of RM. He made these comments at the awarding ceremony of the 34 certificates for the completion of the specialized training on e-banking to the students of the Faculty of Contemporary Sciences and Technologies, which was held on Wednesday (20 October 2010) and organized by the company ASSECO in cooperation with SEEU. Minister Ivanovski said that this higher education institution proves the achievements of higher education in European standards. The Rector of SEEU, Prof. Dr. Zamir Dika, said that in this case we are realizing the cooperation triangle among SEEU, the private sector, and the public sector. “These certificates will be an added value for our students during their employment process,” said Rector Dika. The Dean of the Faculty of Contemporary Sciences and Technologies, Assistant Prof. Dr. Bekim Fetaji and Mr. Sllavço Angelkovski, Director of ASSECO for Macedonia awarded the certificates to the students. After the ceremony, Rector Dika and Minister Ivanovski made a tour in the University campus to witness the work and achievements of this well known higher education institution.