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SEEU a case study for European higher education management and development

A new book 'Higher Education Management and Development - Compendium for Managers' edited by Jeroen Huisman and Attila Pausits, published under the EU Lifelong Learning Programme, includes a chapter by Academician Alajdin Abazi, Rector of SEEU, with Jeroen Huisman, University of Bath (UK) and Dr Dennis Farrington, 'Globalisation, Internationalisation and Regionalisation.' The chapter, which describes the development of SEEU governance and management since 2001, uses the University as the book's only institutional case study to examine the SEEU project through the 'lens of gloconal agency' The project of which the book forms part will also create a MSc in European Higher Education Management and Development based at Danube University Krems in Austria. The book is published by Waxmann (Munich and New York), ISBN 978-3-8309-2286-5.