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The 20th jubilee generation of graduates was promoted at South East European University

Today (June 8, 2024), in the presence of many parents and family members, representatives of local and central government, ambassadors of Germany and the Kingdom of the Netherlands, academic and administrative staff, the 20th jubilee generation of graduates was promoted at South East European University.

In opening remarks, the President of University Board--Prof. Dr. Klaus Tochtermann, said that this year marks the 20th jubilee generation of graduates, a significant milestone not only in their lives but also for the SEEU as a whole.

“SEEU prides itself on offering a modern and international approach to learning, constantly evolving to meet the demands of research and teaching. This foundation was built upon a unique collaboration between Europe and the USA, for which we are grateful to our donors for their continuous support” noted among other things, president Tochtermann.

The Minister of Education and Science of North Macedonia, Jeton Shaqiri, emphasized that "This event is a great success not only for the graduates, but also for your institution, which is a cradle of quality staff, who are the present and future of the country ".

The Rector of South East European University, Acad. Prof. Dr. Abdylmenaf Bexheti, in his address speech, urged the graduates to become responsible as academic citizens in this society, towards themselves, their families, but also society because the future is in their hands.

“You are the jubilee generation—the 20th generation—which numerically amounts to a total of 30.310 students registered cumulatively, in all three study cycles including those who currently have student status. Until the present, only about half of them have graduated, more precisely a total of 16,350 students. Hundreds of professors and lecturers from around the country and the region—but also international staff members—are here organized in six faculties, three centers and three institutes, with a total of 80 study programs, in three cycles. They are supported by our wonderful administrative and logistical staff, and everyone gave, and continues to give, the highest contribution to this community” noted among others Rector Bexheti.

"Let us be the generation that changes the world with our work and commitment. Let's be the example that dreams can come true with desire and determination. And above all, let's remember that success is not measured only by our personal achievements, but also by the positive impact we have on society", said in her speech on behalf of all the graduates, the student with the highest GPA Kaltrina Ismali, from the Faculty of Contemporary Sciences and Technologies.

This year, the artistic side was taken care of by the well-known singer from Tetova, Fjolla Ibrahimi, who is an Alumni of the University, and the singer Agim Poshka, who performed the University's song "Voice of Knowledge".