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Joint Conference with High Schools Representatives

            “Secondary Education and Challenges of Higher Education” was the topic of the joint conference at the South East European University that took place on Friday (19 March) in which participants included principals of high schools in the Republic of Macedonia and representatives of SEEU.

           Other representatives of high schools attended this conference as well, where various problems were discussed, such as those that mostly affect secondary schools and in what way SEEU can support them.

           SEEU’s Rector, Academic Alajdin Abazi, requested closer collaboration of universities and high schools in order to progress and improve the quality of students who continue to higher education.

            “One of the priorities that distinguishes SEEU from the traditional universities in the country and region is the possibility for continuous development of study programmes based on a well designed process, which follows international recommendations and standards of the Bologna Declaration and best practices of internationally successful universities,” said Rector Abazi. He mentioned that SEEU, with its status as a private-public not-for-profit university, based on the development strategy of the University Board, the mission of the University remains unchanged to contribute to higher education in Albanian language, based on flexible use of languages.

           The Principal of the Economic High School in Tetovo, 8 September Zana Hismani, in her address said that she feels jealous that high school students do not have the learning conditions as the students of this University. High schools are facing various problems staring with learning and teaching conditions and workload of study-programmes.

            The Director of SEEU’s Post-graduate Office Prof. Dr. Hasan Jashari, spoke about the socio-cultural characteristics of higher education in general and particularly at SEEU.

            “The SEEU campus understands accommodation, teaching and scientific-research opportunities, recreation and diverse socio-cultural students’ life,” said Professor Jashari.

           Also within this meeting a significant debate took place about various problems of secondary and higher education.  Moreover, representatives of high schools had the opportunity to visit the SEEU Career Centre, the University Library and the Centre for Training and Research.